Saturday, July 2, 2011

sudbury, aka bluebury

This past week training has been very hard and has required a considerable amount of self discipline. No, not because my workouts have been particularly strenuous. Because it's BLUEBERRY season! Did you know that Sudbury means blueberry in french? Now, that may or may not be accurate but the fact remains that the mtb trails in the 'bury are overrun by b.bushes and it's interfering with my training. I'm addicted to them.  I actually have to tell myself, "Just look ahead. Squint your eyes so that your surroundings are a bit fuzzy and you won't even notice them".

are ya achin'? YUP YUP YUP YUP
Did you know that Sudbury is the blueberry capital of Ontario? That one is actually true.

A lesson:
Before Sudbury had its notorious super smoke stack that now sends pollution from the mines elsewhere, the sulfuric vapor poured over the landscape in the form of acid rain and wiped out most of the vegetation. Luckily not all was lost. Blueberries thrive in acidic soil and the plants spread like wild fire over the Sudbury Basin. Because 90% of the sulfuric vapor is now removed from the area, we're losing our acidic soils* and we could possibility lose our beautiful blueberry bushes AND title! Maybe 10 years from now when I'm a mutant and have a third arm from eating too many toxic berries I'll be happy that they're disappearing but for now I'm just plain concerned.
*I actually know that this is actually a good thing

In other news, I have been dogsitting 2 extra little friends this week and for the first time in the history of my being, I am over-dogged. Dogged right out. 4 is just too many. They are all big, and will all fight to the bitter end for some reason or another.

Happy EH Day to all. Time to watch the Wimbledon finals. Go Kvitova.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'll be the DD tonight (debbie downer)

After the Lake to Lake Classic last weekend it's safe to say I'm having a rough season. All of my races so far have been mediocre at best and I'm starting to get a bit frustrated.

Ever have those dreams where a murderer is chasing after you and you just can't move your legs? That's how I felt racing the L2L this year, minus the murderer of course. The race started off too fast for me to handle and I was dropped within 2 minutes.  No matter how much I pushed on the road sections, I just couldn't seem to generate any power.  Like so:

1 min into race
1.5 min into race

But it's ok! I'm really looking forward to Buckwallow which is my favyMcfave race of the season and some other wicked events that are coming up in July.

Congratulations to Anton for cleaning up on the weekend, Fruity for getting more flats than I've ever had in my life, and  Aaron for being the Lord of the Chainrings. And GOOD LUCK to Melinda and Steve who have been training hard for the BC Bike Race on July 1st - 9th. You may have seen them racing in vests at the O-cups, similar to those you might see on a fisherman, packed with handy pockets and other nifty features.* Well now you know why. Bring home the GOLD!

*I jest
one chainring to rule them all

Anton modeling his new whip

WBs - we're all winners

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

so I fell a few times.

In case you haven't already had a chance to laugh at these photos that were shot at the Hardwood Hills Canada Cup two weekends ago, here's the link:   hahah still funny.

While pre-riding the day before I had spent about 20 minutes trying to convince myself that the rock with the wood ramp was a non-issue and very do-able. And after watching pre-riders of seemingly all abilities hop right over it with ease, I talked myself into "just doing it!" during the race. For me, when it's an issue of mind over matter, my mind is sure to prevail. I went at the ramp STRAIGHT ON, didn't even consider shifting my weight back or lifting my front wheel, then had a good chuckle as I flew over the handlebars.

That wasn't my only fall either... I had had a nightmare a few nights earlier where instead of bikes, we all had to bounce around the course on red, rubber balls. Two officials were standing on either side of the boneshaker, making sure every rider bounced down head first, or else they would be disqualified. Needless to say, I had been dreading the boneshaker for a while. Since this was my first time riding Hardwood in the elite wave, I had never ridden the BS from the top before. Generally I love the techy sections of the courses but again, this was an affair of mind over matter. My mind came out on top and I crashed down hard on the last lap. I left Hardwood in an unwarranted full arm splint that day and was mountain biking within 24hrs.

On to the next weekend! Two days of complete mountain bike fun. On Saturday, Toronto hosted its first ever Toronto Mountain Bike Festival and the Wild Betties were there in full force! The Festival was quaint and no match to the Ontario Mountain Bike Fest, but the organizers said they achieved this years goals in getting new riders out on the trails and hope to expand the event for the coming years.

Sunday of course was the Albion O-Cup. I think I am happy with my race, although it would always be nice to be faster! I found the course tricky for passing and a bit confusing, but on the whole it was a great event. Nice dry trails, beautiful sunshine, great cheerers on the tough climbs and good times with old friends.

Well, I've done it. I updated my blog and it feeeeeeels good.
Going for a jump in the lake with the brown fish <- legendary childhood beast living under the dock.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meat my Veggie

Anton loves meat. I’m a vegetarian. Meet our tag team for the 8-hour relay at Mansfield this weekend! Anton wants me to race lion’s share of the laps because he wants to save his legs for the Toronto Criterium at the St. Lawrence Market the next day. Understandable, but improbable. If there’s one thing I know about Anton, it’s his fiery, competitive spirit. And if there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s my fiery, competitive spirit. We will likely do whatever we can to do well. Including cheat. NAWT. Meat my Veggie would never!  That aside, Saturday is predicted to be a cloudy day sandwiched between two stormy days. I’m banking on sun.

So I’m a bit behind. Here are a few notes about my last two races, OCup 1 & 2.

Mansfield – ouch. The only good thing about this race was the free chocolate milk at the end. I think that is all I need to say?

Fignewton – Within 30 seconds of the start, I got caught up some sort of brouhaha and was knocked out to the side and off my bike. I was thinking, “Commonnnn I came LAST at Mansfield, gimmee a chance here!” haha but I actually had fun playing catch-up for the 1st lap. Not great results in the end, but I felt so much better so I’m a happy camper.

Anyways, this weekend should be a gas.
I had a great, hard workout today so I’m sleepy, through and through.
All for now,


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

new news

Yay. I picked up my new bike. I may or may not be in the RED after this purchase, but I have my priorities.  I've been riding a 2007 Specialized Epic for the past 3 years so buying a newy was well overdue.

At the Trek store, pickin'er up. Hand over mouth, speechless.
Our two dogs staring at one ball, even there are thousands in our house (unrelated).
Bike + Hybrid = Love

Mansfield this weekend! Let the fun begin :) :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Kits!!

Melinda and I training in our sweet new kits while watching "Black Swan". Check out the new white band and logo on the key.

Melinda is working really really hard and I'm just happy

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ok now. I’ve been “randomly” patted down and searched for explosives at every airport so far. I wonder if this has anything to do with the way I dress. My sister says I dress like I’m between jobs and I’ve always argued against that. Now I’m not sure…

Anyways, I’m writing this entry on the plane as I fly over the Tasman sea towards Sydney Australia. There is turbulence. I am scared.

My trip is over! Donzo! Finito! And I’m so excited to be home again. Since my last post, (oopsies kind of a while ago) I have, in no particular order: hiked MOUNT DOOM, found amazing mountain bike trails on the North Island, painted pottery, gone sea kayaking,  taken the Interislander back across to the South Island, completed a 10-day road trip with Caitlin down South, read “Lullabies for Little Criminals” again (one of my favorite books), gone caving, sung my heart out to the Tarzan theme song, “You’ll be in my Heart” by Phil Collins followed by “Trashin’ the Camp” about a hundred times over, played the wave game on the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to, won a game of memory, and soy much more!

Mount Doom! 
A friend of Caitlin’s lent us his SUV for the trip (thank you Matt!), so we had a great time cruising down the West Coast of the South Island together. Being driven on the other side of the road took a bit of getting used to because you always felt like you were on the very edge of the road. Since I’d been biking on the roads everyday, by the time I was behind the wheel, it wasn’t a problem. And I have officially mastered the roundabout!

I still kept up my training during our road trip. We would choose a spot on the map about 50-60km away from our final destination (depending on the workout of course) and I would jump out of the car on the side of the highway. I’d assemble my bike and complete my intervals, then meet up with Caitlin at the agreed campsite. The views while biking along the coast were incredible, with huge swells crashing up against rocky cliffs and long golden beaches with waves breaking and rolling in from afar.

the day we only had seeds for dinner

got to this site late and woke up one morning to a beautiful view 

"you'll be in my heart...alwayyyyyyyyyys, i'll be there for you always! always and always. JUST LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER" ...if you don't know this song you need to

Caitlin and I caving! haha actually there's a nice path just below us so scaling the walls wasn't really necessary
We both agreed that our favorite stop on the trip was Wanaka. Every single person that we saw here was doing something active (with the best sportswear and equipment too!).  Honestly, everybody looked like they could be preparing for or had already taken part in the Olympics. The town sits on the each of Lake Wanaka, a stunning lake surrounded by mountains, and has a lovely community feel to it. To top things off, the place has amazing mountain biking. It’s looove baby!

Anyways, I really have to go to the washroom but am having an internal debate as to whether or not I should wake up the two sleepers beside me. Sometime the window seat can be a bit awkward. I think I will hold off …. J

CAUTION! STRUCTURES! haha so proper

Got caught in the dark during this ride but it was worth it!